Environmental Stewardship Policy

At Hidden Village, “Green” building encompasses all that we do, not only in regards to construction, but also in terms of residents’ relationships to their environment. At Hidden Village, our primary objective is to create a great living environment.

In its simplest form, the goal of Hidden Village “Green” is to conserve natural resources, maximize energy efficiency and promote indoor air quality.

The innovative layout of the Hidden Village site is the direct result of a topographical study that highlighted slopes and hardwood woodlands. By investing nearly 2 million dollars in engineering and retaining walls, we were able to protect the majority of the wooded site and preserve natural resources. Besides protecting a natural environment that includes wildlife habitat and mature woods, the fossil fuel burning process associated with the clearing of trees and subsequent offsite trucking was avoided.

Hidden Village includes a variety of recycled materials employed both in the site infrastructure and buildings. These effective and environmentally responsible strategies conserve natural resources and result in a healthier living environment.

Unlike most apartment projects, Hidden Village features heating and cooling systems that are designed as “split” systems. This equipment arrangement is more that 25% more efficient than traditional “in wall” systems. As a result, Hidden Village residents benefit from lower utility operating costs, and can take comfort knowing that Hidden Village consumes far less energy than a comparably sized rental community.

Indoor air quality and sound attenuation were both design priorities at Hidden Village. Our American-made cabinets are certified by the American Kitchen Manufacturers of America as environmentally friendly. Likewise, low VOC paints, quartz counter tops, energy efficient lighting, and recycled flooring and wood products further support our mission.

Welcome to our Green Community!